Why Svy provide Girl's special scholarship? (SVYHES)?

In many parts of India, girls still face barriers to education. Providing scholarships specifically for girls can help increase their access to quality education. This is essential for their personal growth and development, as well as for the overall progress of the nation.

Our contribution to encourage girls Education & Empowerment

₹900 to ₹3000 After admission in Class 6

₹900 to ₹5000 After admission in Class 8

₹900 to ₹7000 After admission in Class 10

₹2500 to ₹2 Lakh after age of 21 Year of for self Employment

Terms and Conditions Apply

Basic Terms and Conditions

  1. Family Income should be less than 5 lakh at the time of apply.
  2. you need to maintain 50% minimum percentage in 5th ,7th or 9th.
  3. Only one scholarship allow per girls student.
  4. Minimum of 30 days is required to apply SVYGSS after the generated (The application date will given by A3N).
  5. Only Student account or joint account account accept for Girl special scholarship.

Q. Is this a government scheme?

Ans. No, This is a private scheme run and managed by a3n it services.

Q. Who is eligible for Girl's special scholarship?

Ans. All Girl's Students who study in class 6th,8th or 10th but she should join us before 5th or 7th or 9th.

Q. What all students get if SVY GSS approved?

Ans. There are several criteria for providing scholarships.

  1. For 6th class student ₹900 to ₹3000

  2. For 8th class student ₹900 to ₹5000

  3. For 10th class student ₹900 to ₹7000

Q. How many time student get SVY GSS?

Ans. SVY GSS is only one per student. That means you can get in 6th or 8th or 10th any one class.

Q. When should apply for SVY GSS?

Ans. In Northern, Central, Eastern Northeast zone apply Portal is open in JAN to Fab and Western and Southern zone is open in July and Aug. .

Q. How can students apply for SVY GSS?

Ans. Very easy, every student has their login. Log in using your credentials and upload all documents on the student portal Team will verify all documents and transfer to NGO for disburse.
For more information call us (10AM to 5PM Mon to Sat) Toll Free 1800 309 5532 and 09667730569

Q. What document should be submitted by student?

Ans. The following documents are upload on student portal.

  1. Previous class mark sheet (mandatory)
  2. Current class admission receipt (mandatory)
  3. Student’s Aadhaar Card
  4. Bank Passbook

Q. How can any private company provide huge scholarship?

Ans. Shishu Vikas Yojna is a platform where students can apply for scholarships and NGOs provide them. A3N only connect them.

  1. Scholarship settlement depend on NGOs.
  2. If you don't renew, automatically all services cancel.
  3. Any kind of fraud found them all services going to cancel.